Dehumidification Systems

Humidity control is one of the important criteria for the painting process to be carried out in accordance with the standards. Alfatechnic manufactures dehumidification units/machines to achieve the desired environment humidity.

Area of usage;

Blasting & painting chambers which are the main subsidiaries of Alfatechnic, Facilities which make the paint applications on their product, Glass manufacturers, Museums, Ammunition stores which need the moisture balance, hot printing centers,warehouses in Pharmaceutical industry, libraries,textile and food factories and their warehouses etc are some of the usage areas.

Dehumidification unit performs dehumidification by using silica gel rotor.

The rotor provides high efficiency in pulling and holding water vapor. The air to be dehumidi-fied, i.e. the air being processed, passes through the largest region of the rotor and emerges from the rotor as dry air.

For drying the rotor, heating the silica gel rotor with hot air is provided to dry in the respective direction. The hot air which drying the silica gel passes through the rotor in the opposite direction of the air being processed and the air is thrown out of the rotor as hot and humid air. This operating rule provides that the dehumidifier operates efficiently at any ambient tempe-rature.