Heating And Drying Systems

The heating systems are used in the surface treatment plants which are the main subject of Alfatechnic. Heating systems are also used in the areas such as workpiece drying and fast paint curing as well as in the industrial facilities, factory, tent etc. and they are installed by Alfatechnic. The aims are ; reducing the curing time in paint application, shortening pass time of the each layer coating and decreasing operating costs. This cost reduction is directly proportional to the product being ready for shipment in a faster time. At the same time, the heater makes possible continuously paint application in cold climate conditions. If the heating units are selected according the appropriate standards,It will provide the final quality by making a good curing.

The application and oven temperature required in paint facilities vary according to the proces-ses. According to these processes, the kilocalories needed in the facilities will be calculated by Alfatechnic and the suitable heating system will be integrated into the facility.

Oven process can be made in order to achieve the desired quality and shorten the drying time for the many paint varieties.

Heating systems vary according to the energy source of companies.

It is capable of working with electricity, gas (natural gas, LPG, LNG, CNG, propane), liquid fuel (diesel or fuel oil). Heaters can perform automatic temperature control by using the ther-mostat.